Unlocking economic opportunities in Africa

Industrial economist Foluso Phillips shared his insights into the African economy and the opportunities that are available to businesses who know how to identify them, when he spoke at the USB Africa Day event, which aimed to create awareness about the unlimited potential of the African continent.


Kenyan youth to get internships

By Evelyn Njoroge, Capital FM Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya - Unemployed Kenyan youth will in the next few weeks start benefiting from a programme that will link them with six months internship and work experience in the private sector.

This follows the introduction of the soon to be launched ‘Kenya Youth Empowerment Project’ (KYEP) which aims to equip jobless youth of between the ages of 15 and 29 with the skills they need in order to be gainfully employed.

Back when I was at the university

Back When I Was At The University (around 2002) I went to live with three other students outside campus as rooms for rental were scarce at Main Campus UoN. I didn’t know them very well prior to moving there, but quickly we became good friends.

Google meets kenyan tech bloggers, developers and students and announces new products

Share Google's G-Kenya event is taking place in Nairobi from 6-8 September 2010. It has brought together many local and regional tech savvy entrepreneurs and developers and students at a web and mobile conference at Strathmore University. It will have hosted more than 1200 engineers, product managers, entrepreneurs, students and web developers discussing the future of web application development, and receive training on Google’s products and online business skills as well as meet and engage with top Google executives.

Applying for jobs you’re not 100% qualified for

One frustrating but common predicament Kenyan job seekers encounter is deciding whether or not to apply for a job if they don’t meet the employer’s requirements. It is a frustrating but common occurrence many Kenyan job seekers can relate to.

Seriously, who is to blame?

Read more on how to have a fulfilling career and doing the best you can to secure your future career instead of blaming all others apart from yourself.

You Are What You Write

Writing ability is the single most important weapon you can wield in today fast world. The words you write are your best and often only chance to create an impression on customers. Just as your confidence in a vendor is affected by that person's command of the language, your prospects' opinion of you in today world is affected by your command of the written word. Before you will ever have the chance to impress customers with your superior service, expertise, or follow-up, many of your prospects will decide whether or not to do business with you by the quality of your written communications.

Company requires salary details. Do you give them?

If you have been a keen job seeker you will notice that more and more Kenyan companies now require you send prior and expected salary with your job application.Even credible recruitment firms are at it. So it was no surprise when Grace sent us this email:

Be Brilliant at eMarketing & Communication

Today's web is constantly changing our markets, media, branding, and consumer behavior both online and offline. To excel in this environment you need to complement your skills with new dimensions of marketing expertise – the eMarketing & Communication.

How to market yourself to employers

So how do you go about marketing yourself to Kenyan employers?

How do you go about marketing anything to anyone? Simple, You just have to identify selling points, decide on a method by which to communicate them to your target market and compose that communication effectively.

That’s it.

What, you want more?

Oh, OK then….


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