Social media moves into the workplace

Social media is still considered to be a personal matter in the workplace and most employees believe it should remain this way.


The value of an engaged workforce

The impact of an engaged employee in areas such as business relationships, problem solving and company loyalty cannot always be calculated but the profits will be evident.

3 Tips for boosting team morale

You can tell by the looks on their faces and the cloud of depression hanging in the air that your employees would rather be in a million other places than work, so what can you do right now to boost team morale?

The real value of a cup of coffee

In today’s hyper-connected world, it is no longer frowned upon to gather around the coffee bar/water fountain to chat and touch base with your colleagues. Work is no longer a dull, paper-filled, zoned-in, compartmentalised task – instead, collaboration and cooperation are the new buzz words among top-level executives.

The changing role of human resources management

HR staff used to be seen as the administrative enforcers of the business’ management team – executive-centric and reactive, hindering the other employees in performing their jobs with complex layers of bureaucracy.

What is the point of HR?

In the past Human Resources officers were primarily responsible for issues such as employee training, selection and compensation.Today HR is seen as an executive function and is intricately involved in strategic processes. Dr. Margaret Shaffer talks about the current roles of HR managers.

How to have those crucial conversations


The online poll of 845 women in business revealed that women battle to have conversations about workload and as a result 1 in 5 women leaver their job.

Will top execs also feel the pinch this year?


As the world continues to reel from the outfall of the European debt crisis and global financial market turmoil, much interest is set to fall on the salary increases and bonuses being awarded to top-level executives in coming months.

Companies push the IT in security

Experts within the business management solution arena say that whilst there is technology available that will improve protection, decision makers are advised to be more thorough in their inspection and evaluation of solutions before committing to investment.

Is social networking your employees’ smoking gun?

“Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun.” – Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO

One of our consultants recently was called to chair a disciplinary enquiry where an employee had made a comment: “I hate Indians with a passion” on her Facebook page. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before someone in her department saw the comment and brought it to the attention of management.

It pays to keep employees healthy

International research initiated by Human Resource and labour experts confirms that the welfare of staff is a growing priority in the workplace.


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