3 Tips for boosting team morale

You can tell by the looks on their faces and the cloud of depression hanging in the air that your employees would rather be in a million other places than work, so what can you do right now to boost team morale?

We’ve all been there…. It’s Monday morning and all you can think about is your bed…and how you’ve got to get through another five days before another day off and you really just don’t know how you’re going to do it

This is the point where a good manager steps in to lift his team out of the doldrums and inspire his workers to achieve greatness, but where do you even start?

Well, start by starting small.

Believe it or not but your mood has a huge impact on the way your staff feel. In fact, employees will use your mood to gauge how they think you feel about their work performance and even read clues from your demeanor relating to their own job security. So put them at ease and smile a little more.

Be real.

Don’t let your employees wonder what you really meant by that comment at the meeting… Be authentic and build a relationship built on trust with your staff. Allow them to make decisions, keep your word and always provide useful feedback where possible.


Whether you’re rewarding an achievement, wishing an employee a happy 40th birthday or congratulating someone on getting engaged, take note of the events in the personal lives of your staff and celebrate them.


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