Tips on managing a payroll and ensuring fair employee compensation.

Can I trust the cloud with my Payroll?

It has become the buzzword of the last 18 months. Cloud solutions, Cloud Services, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and the list goes on. And, not unlike previous buzz-words in the short history of Information Technology, Cloud Computing has the ability to be a game changer for future product offerings. It promises lower capital investments, simpler pay-per-use licensing options, lower barriers to entry, and very importantly, lower barriers to exit too.


How to introduce performance pay in small businesses

By Niall Strickland

Do you pay each of your employees a set wage based on their experience and service? Do you reward them based on their contribution to the success of the business? Perhaps you use a combination of both. Discover the implications of your chosen reward structure. Discover how to improve your reward structure and your business performance simultaneously.

Protocol to secure favourable remuneration package

The current economic climate dictates that companies recruit only the very best people and prospective employees are determined in their quest to negotiate a balanced but progressive remuneration structure.


  • The power crisis that has South Africans ringing their hands in frustration - has now escalated. Large parts of the country are without power right now. We've heard of stage 2 before and that was serious. The power utility has embarked on stage 3 load shedding which is a much deeper form of load shedding affecting many areas at a time. It says the…

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