Everyone wants to be a leader

Internationally recognized leadership and management qualifications are highly sought after commodities and more professionals are looking to obtain this ‘stamp of approval.’

There is a growing demand for management training as professionals seek to acquire the skills that will help them effectively supervise operations and people in the private, public and NGO sector.

“Businesses are looking to attract the best talent available. They expect their managers to have a well-rounded management education, including leadership and personal skills and the ability to think critically," says Marietjie Wepener, Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications at the University of Stellenbosch Business.

Professionals are now more aware of industry needs and employer demands; as a result learners have become more driven and only invest in training that will truly impact their performance and contribute to personal growth and success.

“People plan their careers much better than in the past. They know what they are looking for in a business school and business education.”

“They make sure that they receive assistance to plan and develop their careers, and that they are given opportunities to make contact with possible employers during their studies - a service that top business schools offer as part of the package.”

Wepener urges businesses to invest in their best employees by providing opportunities for training and personal development in the areas of management and leadership.

“We see many excellent specialists such as engineers, lawyers and accountants, who develop into excellent managers once they have acquired the necessary broad managerial and leadership competencies.”

Entrepreneurs are also seeing the value of leadership and management training and this interest has contributed to the growth in leadership development programmes.

Across the globe large corporations and small businesses are suffering from a lack of leadership skills. Companies are closing down because employers are not equipped to organise, manage and lead people in the business.

Now future business leaders are taking charge by finding the training that will help them lead businesses successfully.

By Cindy Payle – Skills Portal


Against all odds

Shocking statistics reveal that women are still getting the short end of the stick in the workplace. A more assertive approach is needed if women hope to change their fate in society according to Lizanne De Jong, course leader of the Management & Leadership Development for Women workshop hosted by Alusani Skills & Training Network.

"Leaders are not sold in supermarkets!";otherwise we will buy them?

Dear Pedagogues and Androgugues
The changing times are here with of the 'unsound' noise made by many young workers, are that they don’t want to be led by ‘old’ people, with low education levels...well, it can still be contested!

Helping team members excel

Many leaders, managers and supervisors fail because they cannot delegate or refuse to delegate. When the do delegate or assign a task to a subordinate they then continuously follow up and check on progress.

Your Creative GAPS - The Second Myth by Robert Alan Black

The Second Myth
The second myth is that attitude or atmosphere does not affect creativity or creativeness. The easiest way to dispel this is to think about when you have been creative most recently.

Real Leaders do make a Difference

So there you are – in control, quite content, coasting along, impressed with yourself. You have settled well into your new job, the team is chugging along just fine, and their overall performance is OK – not spectacular, but OK. You are doing a good job, right? Maybe, maybe not.

Becoming a zenlightened leader

Leadership is both an art and a trained skill. Directors who fail to direct and managers who fail to lead are at the root of what ails the corporate world today.

Change needs Leadership

The physician/author, George Sheehan, when speaking at a national conference in 1979 said: “You are unique, never-to-be repeated event. Your parents could make love a million times and never again reproduce the same genetic pattern. You are the only chance this planet has for your unique contribution. Will others’ expectations, rules and roles be your focus? Will you be only what you think you should be? Or will you occur?”

What is your organisations leadership brand?

A Leadership Brand concerns the identity of an organisation’s leaders that enables and balances customer expectations, and employee and organization behavior.

Choices and Decisions: Is there a difference?

Leaders in the current economic climate are facing so many decisions . . . and they are making them. However are they making the right choices? Is there a difference between choices and decisions? Before reading on, I would like you to reflect for a moment on what choice implies and what making a decision implies.

Managers and Leaders

Policy makers, organisations and individuals are struggling to adapt to the post recession economy but taking the time to assess your current position is central to the recovery process according to Ruth Spellman, CEO of Chartered Management Institute.


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