Stop the squabbling

As productive members of the work force most of us probably spend on average more time at work than any other single place. Where we work can be a very rewarding and interesting place to be, at the same time, the place where we spend so much of our time can be a very stressful and sometimes even hostile environment. It is of utmost importance for all concerned that everyone within a work environment are able to get along with one another.

Conflict management is an essential psychological and morale building tool that specially trained inhouse personnel can use to identify and diffuse potentially destructive and negative situations. It is absolutely in the best interest of business owners or company directors to identify and equip appropriate staff members, as many as possible in fact, with the requisite skills to manage work based social interactions of all staff members.

Why Conflict Management Is Of Critical Importance

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘there is no ‘I’ in team’? Ninety nine percent of all business, especially large scale and high profile ventures depend on excellent and cohesive team work for the continued success. Without good team work and solid cooperation theses business will not be successful at all.

Some people are naturally able to work together In teams, some people are naturally supportive members of a team while others are naturally leaders of a team. Sometimes the wrong profile type is chosen for the wrong position, for example, an ambitious individual is chosen for a position of leadership; however this individual is not a natural leader, cannot command respect from piers and fellow employees and struggles with the correct approach in delegating work and positive reinforcement.

Such a person will inevitably create conflict by engendering harboured resentment in employees under their leadership by delegating negatively, not being able to positively reinforce instructions and not being able to communicate either effectively or communicating in a disrespectful manner. This type of situation will inevitably lead to conflict.

Another situation could arise when colleagues are involved in a competitive business or department within a business or even a competitive industry such as sales and marketing or advertising. In most cases healthy competition amongst employees is very good for business, however in some cases healthy competition becomes unhealthy and leads to activities that undermine one or more employees, jealousy, underhanded tactics to gain an edge over a fellow employee and general negativity that leads to a disruptive, negative work environment and a potentially harmful situation for the business as a whole.

In any of these cases an appropriate outlet and resolution needs to be found or created from within. When a company takes the time to identify and appropriately train personnel in a thorough and comprehensive conflict resolution and management course they are in fact creating fail safes, effective pressure release valves if you will. Effective conflict management is an essential tool of any successful commercial venture; it is absolutely essential wherever teams working closely day to day are to be found. Conflict management also instils confidence in employees because they know that an outlet and facility for resolution exists for them.


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