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The value of an MBA

The value of an MBA degree has been widely criticised by scholars and business practitioners. Criticism includes assertions that business schools are too ‘academic’ meaning somehow that they fail to provide what the business world needs, or that they fail to impart useful skills or to prepare leaders. Some assert that an MBA does not lead graduates to good corporate jobs.


Responsible business is the bottom line

In an era of political correctness and sophisticated communication, it would be unusual to find any corporation today that would openly support the views expressed by Milton Friedman.

The team makes the dream


In the pursuit of management excellence, most companies focus their search on finding the ‘right person’. In so doing, they become preoccupied with the qualifications, experience and achievements of individuals. Even in entrepreneurship conventional wisdom supports the notion of the sole innovator: Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the like.

Africa to challenge global brands


The recent release of Interbrand’s 2011 Best Global Brands report revealed that 50% of the world’s top brands are produced in the United States. No brands produced in African countries featured in the report - indicating enormous opportunity for brand development in these emerging markets to build existing products into globally recognisable brands.

Managers can't cope in new roles

New research shows that most new managers are out of their depth when entering management positions.


  • Feb 24, 2014 In Chapter 12 of 17 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, educator and entrepreneur Michael Margolis answers "How Are You Learning to Better Manage and Motivate Teams?" Margolis shares two ways he is building these skills as he grows his small business. The first is how getting to know each employee personality allows him create a workplace…

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