The 'ins and outs' of a Master of Business Administration, as well as the latest news on programmes available, either online or campus based.

The going just got tough for BAs

"As lower skilled and manual labor jobs decrease in availability, the education held by blue-collar workers is no longer adequate to obtain an ideal job. In order to adapt, these individuals have turned to higher education opportunities.


De-clone yourself - tips for MBA clones

By Dr. Dan Herman

Are you an MBA Clone? Was your business education more like "business programming"? If your answer is no, you are probably not fully aware of the fact that you have been "produced", together with many other executives, to think and act in a similar predictable manner.

This phenomenon happens as many MBA programs around the world gravitate towards standard sets of concepts and tools. As a result, many executives have been turning into what I call, MBA Clones, thus undermining the competitiveness of the companies they lead.

MBA programs now offer variety and flexibility

By Andy West

The MBA, or Master's in Business Administration, is the most sought after degree for individuals looking for a career as a business executive. Whether you are going into banking, finance, manufacturing or the service sector, having an MBA can give you an edge as you move up the corporate ladder. A few decades ago, the traditional path to take was to get your Bachelor's degree in a particular business discipline and then go directly into an MBA program. Today, however, MBA programs are more flexible and can adapt to your work schedule and lifestyle.

Life after Business college - your MBA cover letter

By Michael Fleischner

An MBA carries with it a great deal of power. Perhaps that's one of the reasons that you chose an MBA program to begin with. The skills that you've developed in your studies are a highly marketable tool once you graduate. Now, persuading a prospective employer to hire you is not unlike trying to impress the admissions board at your college.

Top 10 Myths about MBAs

By Ibsahu Ma'akmaha

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is gaining popularity with each passing year. They are marketed as the one-size fits all solution for your career and your bank account. Traditional classroom settings, online programs, executive formats, are just some of the options. Before you or your company invests in an MBA, don't be fooled, know what you're getting in to.

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