Primary and secondary education

Information on primary and secondary schools

True impact of violence on our education system

School violence is sadly a growing global phenomenon. It includes violence between students, attacks on staff members by students and even attacks on students by staff members. Increasingly in South Africa, but also in other countries, knives, guns and other weapons are a part of daily school life.


Biometric access control at schools

Many schools may have considered biometric access control as a means of combating truancy and ensuring learner safety and security.

In the UK, an estimated 30% of all schools are using biometric access control. Although concerns have been raised over privacy and the collection of fingerprints into national data sets, the Data Protection Act (1998) of that country allows schools to record fingerprint biometrics without the consent of the parents.

Arab states to cooperate on upgrading education quality

Doha, Qatar, 22 September: Seventeen Arab states agreed today upon the urgent need to improve the quality of education across the region and implement a system of evaluating the performance of schools, teachers and students. Results are to be made public and shared among participating countries. These steps towards the improvement of education quality are formalized through the Doha Declaration on Education Quality in the Arab world.


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