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The Graduates Prayer


We are completing a leg in the journey of our studies ––
A journey of hard work, sacrifice, challenge and frustration,
A journey of commitment towards achieving our goals.


Studies and Research in France


Studies and Research in France

Are you looking for financial aid to support a period of study or research in France?

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Who needs social science?


What science means is not always clear to everyone, so to many people the idea of a social science can be doubly confusing – if not downright irrelevant – when it comes to questions about how to live, what to do and believe. This is a regrettable state of affairs in a country, region, and continent all sorely in need of more not less knowledge.

Bloem recovering from Oprah fever

What could possibly motivate varsity students to get up at 4am on a bitterly cold Friday morning? The thought of lectures or exams could force one back under the covers, but when one of the brightest stars of entertainment shines on your doorstep, you simply have no choice but to wake up.

Degrees not the only road to success for matrics

With fewer than 50, 000 placements available at top universities across South Africa, students will have to face the sobering reality that a university degree might not be on the cards for 2011.

However, experts advise that learners are missing a multitude of career opportunities by not considering vocational training study options.


  • The power crisis that has South Africans ringing their hands in frustration - has now escalated. Large parts of the country are without power right now. We've heard of stage 2 before and that was serious. The power utility has embarked on stage 3 load shedding which is a much deeper form of load shedding affecting many areas at a time. It says the…

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