The Graduates Prayer


We are completing a leg in the journey of our studies ––
A journey of hard work, sacrifice, challenge and frustration,
A journey of commitment towards achieving our goals.

It is through the will of the Creator
That we are Graduates Indeed!
Everything that we are
Everything that we’ve had
Is due to his will –– and ––
From here on – everything
Will be due to Him.

So, today we say:
Oh Lord! As we anticipate our positions in the field of life and business,
We thank you for bestowing upon us the Glory of Graduation.
We thank you immeasurably for assisting us in
Completing this leg of our journey successfully.
We ask for grace enough to practice what
We have learnt in all humility,
And pray for patience enough to help others along.

Dear God, give us the courage and strength
To shoulder the responsibility of uplifting our communities.
Help us to be formidable and fair in our dealings,
Friendly and firm in our relationships.
Above all, help us respect and love our families,
For they, too, have had difficult journeys.
Give us the ability to avoid abusing the authority
That may now become ours –– and ––
Assist us in ethically leading by good example
Help us, o Lord, remove corruption from our midst.
Bless all those people who have helped us achieve
Grant them many more years of wisdom and patience

We thank you God

For having allowed them to touch our lives.



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