The evolution of rainmakers in professional services

Operating in uncertain and fragile economic conditions, many professional services companies in the US are asking themselves one key question: Where will the next generation of rainmakers come from? A rainmaker is an employee in a company that brings in significant amounts of new business.


The heart and mind of a great manager

New managers are battling to cope with the immense responsibility of leading and inspiring employees due to a lack of training and experience.

Risk management fundamentals

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This book presents the fundamentals of managing risk.

The impact of the Generation Gap

Many managers I deal with are currently experiencing problems in their relations with subordinate managers and other subordinate employees. Many comment on the fact employees are lazy or do not appear to have any interest in the business. Insubordination and poor attitude are also sighted as problem areas.

Management – She ain’t Fun until You are Good at It!

So one of your team members is driving you nuts? Welcome to the club! Haven’t we all at some point had to deal with that team member – you know, that one with the negative attitude who always comes in late, refuses to take on extra work, spends hours on personal calls or constantly reports sick?

Organisations need to grow laterally

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a mid-level manager, a team leader or a CEO in a newly formed organization or a mature organization, knowing the lifecycle of your organization and being able to influence the movement of that organization is critical to its growth and predictable success.

Biometric-backed security in a class of its own

There are many instances where biometric technology continues to add value to commerce and the ripple effect is an increased investment in this technology within organisations and community-focused services.

Experts in the field of identity management and related infrastructure service and support refer to the education sector as an example of how biometric technology is helping to protect resources.

Cell Phone Policy: Camera

Does anyone have a policy on Cell Phones &/or Cell Phone Camera Technology, with regards to Staff taking their cell phones into a factory or place of work & being able to use them to photograph information in the facility or office environment & relaying confidential & critical company information to competitors.

Laughter Therapy is an effective leadership tool

In the complex, stressful and competitive business environment, it is difficult for business leaders to ensure that their employees constantly maintain sufficient productivity levels and remain flexible and resilient. Laughter Therapy as a new scientific leadership tool to help business leaders increase their management efficiency, as well as reduce personal stress.

The pillars of banking

This book presents the pillars of banking approach to managing banks.

The manager's cheat sheet: some essentials

Many managers might find themselves dealing with more than just a company’s human resources. And despite the diverse workload, it’s still absolutely crucial to stay connected with the members of your team, whether it’s in the way you sit in your office chair, how you delegate tasks, or simply in giving credit where credit’s due.


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