Project management - Principles and methods for use in business

This course is designed to introduce course participants to the nature and purpose of project management in its widest sense. It aims at developing their knowledge of the principles and methods of sound project management. On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the nature and scope of projects and the need for project management
• List the main objectives of project management and appreciate the information needs of project managers
• Organise and lead an effective team to undertake a project or projects
• Plan and undertake the implementation of a project
• Use some of the basic methods of project management to effectively control all aspects of the project
• Communicate effectively with people with respect to the planning and control of a project
• Perform effectively as project managers
• Improve the management of projects within their organisations

Course Content

• the need for, principles and objectives of project management, strategic project leadership, the project life cycle,
• organising for project management, human resource management and leadership/team motivation,
• competency and accreditation of Project Managers.
• feasibility studies - technical, financial and operational
• scope and integration management
• planning and initiating a project
• special requirements of IT projects
• managing project time, network programming and scheduling • multiple time estimates, learning effects, resource allocation, the golden chain, calendar setting, progress reporting
• managing project costs, estimating, budgeting, cost control, cost accounting, time value of money,network costing, time-cost trade off, earned value, flush curve
• managing project quality - specification and conformance, project commissioning
• risk and hazard analysis
• contract law and contractual arrangements, mandating, forms of contract, tendering
• procurement and expediting
• organisational and interpersonal communications, controlling meetings, conflict management,
• controlling and reporting, information systems
• projects in developing countries
• review


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