Optimising Business

Making the best of your business performance.

Business Ethics extend beyond the obvious


Business Ethics has been defined as “the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world” (Wisegeek.com)


Monitor your business effectively

Implementing a successful monitoring and evaluation system can be challenging, but monitoring and evaluation specialist Chris Langefeld shares the secrets to developing a system that will increase operational efficiency and grow profits.

Massmart to develop SME suppliers


An innovative new partnership has been announced between Massmart and Raizcorp (Pty) Ltd that will give a substantial boost to the development of small businesses. As part of Massmart’s strategy to source more goods locally, the company has announced a new initiative to strengthen its local supplier base.

Measure the pulse of your business

Ineffective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can impact significantly on a business. To the relief of many a decision maker, one local service provider has introduced an offering that its developers say is able to accurately provide insight into problems and possible solutions.

Business strategies: How does the business owner increase the value of his company

By William Bradley

Business owners often times get caught up in phenomenal early success and, as a result, fail to equip their organization with business strategies to accommodate the 3 stages of entrepreneurial growth: (1) Startup; (2) Growth; (3) Exit.


  • The power crisis that has South Africans ringing their hands in frustration - has now escalated. Large parts of the country are without power right now. We've heard of stage 2 before and that was serious. The power utility has embarked on stage 3 load shedding which is a much deeper form of load shedding affecting many areas at a time. It says the…

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