Creating your own business.

It's about the journey

Climbing a mountain has many correlations to entrepreneurship. Here are four unusual business lessons.


Timid entrepreneurs do not exist

The world of entrepreneurship is definitely not for everybody. For those who merely want to get a salary at the end of every month and have no aspirations to own their own business, it probably isn’t the right option.

Achieving success by doing it right

Through a recent study conducted on business success, it became clear that South Africans are highly enterprising and can find innovative ways of making a living. What has also become clear, however, is that only about 3% of entrepreneurs become employers, thus affording employment to somebody else.

Helping business women speak their mind

Women have the potential to be great communicators; however their sensitivity can sometimes overshadow their objectivity and in the process they lose their assertiveness. Human Resources specialist Lizanne de Jong teaches women how to address work colleagues with confidence.

Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem

The most successful companies of any time represent an idea whose time has come. Ford was driven by the idea that automobile transport could be accessible to the average American family. Cirque du Soleil created a new industry by combining the best of the circus with elements of the theatre; and locally, Thawte provided companies around the world with a safe, secure way of making online transactions and helped them capitalise on the growing online audience.


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