Timid entrepreneurs do not exist

The world of entrepreneurship is definitely not for everybody. For those who merely want to get a salary at the end of every month and have no aspirations to own their own business, it probably isn’t the right option.

But for those who would prefer to be their own boss, entrepreneurship can be a most enlightening, challenging and rewarding journey.

According to Greg Johnson, owner and manager of Phase 2 Computers, there are certain characteristics which a person should have in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

He lists three of these characteristics as having the correct attitude, the ability to persevere and having a personality. Entrepreneurs also need to be all-rounders, understanding all aspects of business.

Most entrepreneurs start off on their own, and so will need to be able to manage the different spheres of their business effectively, such as; administration, logistics, sales, accounting, client relationship management, etc.

Although success in entrepreneurship takes much more than ticking off a checklist, following these tips with regards to what entrepreneurs should and shouldn’t do may help make the achievement of success a little easier.

Johnson adds that, for an entrepreneur to be successful, there are particular ‘do’s’ which should be followed; “Be confident and stay positive, one needs to have a ‘never say die attitude’.

It is also important to ground oneself; always be willing to learn. As an entrepreneur it is also imperative to remain vigilant and always be aware of what is happening in and around the business.

Be prepared to live with insecurity; in the IT industry and in general, the life of an entrepreneur is guaranteed only one thing – ups and downs. The most important thing for an entrepreneur to do is to have fun; enjoy the lifestyle entrepreneurship allows and its benefits.”

Certain behaviour can hamper entrepreneurial success and these actions should be avoided. “Don’t ever give up or have a negative attitude, this will permeate throughout the business and can in itself cause failure. Don’t think you know everything, because you don’t.

Don’t always worry about everything; it does nothing to solve any problems. Don’t underestimate yourself, believe in your own abilities and others will believe in you too.

Don’t be too quick to trust anyone, the business world is an environment in which everyone is in it for themselves, to make a profit for their own companies – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” concludes Johnson.

‘The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect.’ – Adam Osborne. But one can learn from the mistakes of others, taking good advice, ignoring bad advice and learning the difference between the two is all part of the entrepreneurial journey.


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