Marketing and Advertising

How to market your business effectively.

SEO in five easy steps

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may seem like nothing more than fancy internet jargon but these three words establish the path that directs online consumers into your hands. Listen to Tom Breeze as he shares his five step formula to optimizing YouTube videos, and use these principles to improve traffic to your online business, website or webpage.


Using Social Media for Scientific Benefit

This is an extract from an article on

In a recent edition of Nature, we suggested the possibility of exploiting Twitter to facilitate collaboration between scientists in developing countries. [2]

What Should Your Website Be Doing For Your Business?

A couple of years ago, most websites were just a glorious technicolour brochure that happened to be available online. We just wanted to use it to impress our clients, and to have somewhere to send them if they wanted to check us out.

Is your net working?

The internet provides as an easy to use platform. The prolific development of online businesses and social media has resulted in so many business networking opportunities. With so many business networks, local, national and global, is it really hard to choose.

How effective is your business networking strategy?

It is likely you have a marketing and business development plan or strategy in place which will include titles such as corporate events and entertainment, work, direct mail, cold calling, advertising, Public Relations, sponsorship, seminars, pens with the company’s name embossed plus further headings.


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