Optimising Business

Making the best of your business performance.

Business Ethics extend beyond the obvious


Business Ethics has been defined as “the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world” (Wisegeek.com)


Monitor your business effectively

Implementing a successful monitoring and evaluation system can be challenging, but monitoring and evaluation specialist Chris Langefeld shares the secrets to developing a system that will increase operational efficiency and grow profits.

Massmart to develop SME suppliers


An innovative new partnership has been announced between Massmart and Raizcorp (Pty) Ltd that will give a substantial boost to the development of small businesses. As part of Massmart’s strategy to source more goods locally, the company has announced a new initiative to strengthen its local supplier base.

Measure the pulse of your business

Ineffective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can impact significantly on a business. To the relief of many a decision maker, one local service provider has introduced an offering that its developers say is able to accurately provide insight into problems and possible solutions.

Business strategies: How does the business owner increase the value of his company

By William Bradley

Business owners often times get caught up in phenomenal early success and, as a result, fail to equip their organization with business strategies to accommodate the 3 stages of entrepreneurial growth: (1) Startup; (2) Growth; (3) Exit.


  • Aug 12, 2014 The Video explains the successful German dual education system. The theory learned in vocational School can be directly applied in practice at the training company. The German chambers of industry and commerce (IHKs) support trainees and training companies throughout the term of the…

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