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The benefits of business coaching

A business coach can narrow your focus, spark creativity and provide the tools you need to grow by tapping into stores of experience and knowledge. If you are curious about the role of a business coach, read more about the value that these experts can bring to any business.


Teaching language experientially

Earlier this year I had the privilege of running a workshop for a talented group of facilitators at Virgin Active in Cape Town. One of the delegates came up with this ingenious way to teach Zulu greetings to English speakers. It was such a success that I thought it needed to be shared.

Help learners revise

Many of your learners need to write examinations for compliance and accreditation. Help them to remember the key concepts with this fun revision game which rewards everyone.

Lateral thinking exercise

One of my favourite classroom exercises is to hand out items from my facilitator’s kit (box of crayons, stapler, whistle etc) and to ask learners to find a number of ways that that item is like the topic under discussion.

A diverse idea for introductions

Begin this activity by saying:
We all come from different places – different religions, cultures, countries. Most importantly, we are all products of our families where we have enjoyed traditions and celebrations that often shape our cultural and religious backgrounds in a unique way.

New ideas for introductions


We all love new ideas for introductions. Here are three new questions to ask your learners to respond to as part of your introduction activity.

Using cooking as a theme for your workshop

Those of you who have attended the Gray Training Instructional Design workshops (Plan and design the learning; Develop OB learning material) will know that we place a high value on themes. Building a course or workshop around a theme gives you a focal point for visuals, topic names, activities etc.

Stimulating the musical brain

If music is not important to you then the chances are that you don’t include it in your training. But as Thomas Armstrong amongst others has shown us, music is an important way of ‘being smart’. This simple reflection or summary activity is a non-threatening way of using music in the classroom.

Setting themed ground rules

Ground rules are such an important part of safe learning – yet the way that we set ground rules often adds little value to the learning process. This little exercise was stimulated by a ground rule setting activity at Virgin Active a few weeks ago. Thanks to the VA training team for their ideas!

Illustrate your understanding

Here is a fun exercise that you can use as an effective closing activity after a day of training.

Some ideas for your flipcharts

It’s fun to add a picture or flashcard to a flipchart to reinforce a message. Here are a few to get you started. We’ve deliberately looked for versions that are easy to draw – but you can, of course, print them and make a set of flashcards for yourself.


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