Customer Service

Customer service training is imperative to ensure that staff can deliver the best possible service to customers and clients.

The value of customer relationship management

Relationship marketing or CRM is a way of doing business, a strategic orientation that focuses on keeping and improving the relationship with current customers thus ensuring customer loyalty (Zeithaml & Bitner, 1996).


Mastering the art of good service


There are many different types of industry that are reliant on varying degrees of customer interactions. The most obvious customer orientated industry that comes to mind is that of the retail industry, retail stores are at the forefront of customer service and are the most in the public eye. However there are a host of other industries reliant on excellent public relations and customer service.

Customer comes first


While research dictates that one unhappy customer will tell an average of 21 people about their bad experience, a happy customer will only tell an average of two people about their good experience. This goes to show that delivering phenomenal customer service has never been more important.

The nice customer who never returns

I am your best customer. You know who I am talking about. I’m the one who never complains, never shouts, never performs or causes a scene when I am unhappy with your service. I don’t ask for the manager either.

Customer care means getting personal

Managers and experts in the customer service field are redefining customer care by moving away from traditional practices toward a more sincere and personal relationship with their clientele, and as a result are managing to retain existing customers and attract new customers.


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