Diversity and Change

Agents of change

Managing in times of change and managing change in times of crisis is one of the hardest lessons I had to learn as a manager and a leader. I also have come to believe that managing change is one of the most important issues leaders face today and a critical skill to master for any successful organisation to continue to grow and remain competitive and profitable.


Are You Change Resistant?

As a business coach I often come across people who are “stuck”, for whatever reason, and resisting change with every fibre of their being. Even when they know that things have moved on and markets have changed, they stubbornly refuse to change they way they have always done it.

Change Management

Many companies are currently in the process of either retrenching employees or are reorganising their businesses sot that they may survive going forward.

Behaviour is what creates a better life for all...

Accepting that much of our behaviour impacts on our environment in which we operate and in many ways we need to have patience as we cannot change the "WORLD".

Strengthen your diverse workforce

There are variety of diversity training programmes that claim to improve team performance and relationships in the workplace, but what do these programmes really teach? Research shows that effective training programmes require that team members teach one another through team work, competition and celebration.

Appreciate & Value our diversity - change & transform NOW!

Our people and our society is so very rich in diversity which create so many challenges and opportunities for ALL.

Low business confidence a factor of ‘change’ fatigue


‘Change fatigue’ could be a factor in business confidence indicators dipping to their lowest levels in seven years, business skills training expert, Liza van Wyk says.

Van Wyk, CEO of major national executive skills training organisation, AstroTech said that in 2001 international and local anxieties fuelled poor business confidence, “the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon in the USA on September 11 saw markets globally see-saw.


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