Hiv/Aids Awareness

Women want more access to female condoms

Various organisations, including traditional leaders, women and men’s organisations in KwaZakhele got an opportunity to voice their concerns and requests on what they want to see added in the new National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV and Aids 2012 – 2016 to be unveiled.


South Africans contribute to Aids strategy

The National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS (NAPWA) and the Progressive Men's Movement of South Africa (POMESA) handed over the People's AIDS Plan Declaration to the Presidency.


Keep your kids from getting HIV

I downloaded this article from the internet and trust it will be of benefit to some readers. Comments and feedback will be welcome particularly if we can relate the content to South Africa.

Right to care


The Right to Care, South Africa’s largest HIV/Aids NGO, board of which Dr Ali Bacher is chairman, has been bolstered with the appointment of three additional non executive directors: Peter Moyo, Peter Goldhawk and Stanley Mabuza.

Recognising the role culture plays in developing a message of change in the fight against HIV/AIDS

There has been much debate over the effectiveness of peer education training programmes. Some people are of the opinion that it is a waste of time. Others say we need to possibly rethink some aspects of the process.

Most interesting book on HIV/AIDS

My interest and studies in HIV Aids Counselling has led me to buy a book called The Wisdom of Whores by a British Epidemiologist called Elizabeth Pisani. Disregard the Wow! what an eye-opener.

How can men help to reduce the Aids infection rate in women?

I am a man. I am a black man. I am raising my son as a single parent and I am unemployed. I parted from my wife because she beat me. The best I could do to be in the relationship was to keep silent, walk away or feel scared or drink to feel 'ok' in her presence. Coming home from work was a nightmare because I felt scared to come home.

Relationships, Intimacy and Sex


Sex is "The character or condition of being male or female"
All creatures in the animal world have a sexual character. There are male, female or hermaphrodite sexes. Male is the sex of a man, female is that of a woman, and hermaphrodite refers to those with a combination of both male and female.

Promoting a 'new' value system: Wellness

Considering the enormity of the HIV-AIDS pandemic and the way, we as people, across the board have responded to it in our different ways, we would volunteer to suggest that we’ve been focusing so much on the problem, for instance in managing the burden of disease.

HIV/AIDS and Freedom of Choice

Freedom of choice is everyone’s right
A God given right to be used as desired
The right to decide on all of life’s issues
A right to be used with care and discretion


  • The power crisis that has South Africans ringing their hands in frustration - has now escalated. Large parts of the country are without power right now. We've heard of stage 2 before and that was serious. The power utility has embarked on stage 3 load shedding which is a much deeper form of load shedding affecting many areas at a time. It says the…

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