Presentation and Communication

Presentation and communication skills are vital for nearly all jobs and careers. You can find details here of training available for presentation and communication skills.

Public speaking made easy

I am sure that everyone has an embarrassing or even terrifying memory of being in school and having to present a speech to the class or even worse the entire school! For some people public speaking and presentation skills come naturally, these individuals are natural ‘people persons’ and have no problem in getting up and speaking to small or large groups of people.


Choosing What Sort Of Speech You Should Give

The idea to start speaking to an audience to build your business is a good one. If you have done any speaking before, or are just starting out, it is important for you to realise that that there is more than one type of speech or presentation to an audience.

Say what you mean with confidence

The ability to communicate your thoughts properly is an essential life tool for everyone in the business world and the reason Nomsa Shabungu and Vuyiswa Nonkonyana decided to embark on the Confident Communication Workshop, which has since redefined the way they communicate.

Do You Suffer From Butterfies When You Speak?

Here's what to do about those butterflies!
Most public speakers will tell you that they suffer from being nervous and having butterflies in their stomach before they are due to deliver a speech. So if you were thinking that you were alone in this ……. Don’t worry …… you aren’t.

Avoid getting lost in translation

Written records have enabled human evolution from the beginning of time and well documented discoveries are no less important today for the continuing advancement of mankind says technical report writing expert Elaine Matchett, who shares her beliefs on the significance of record keeping.


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