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OLSPS Group is an international market-leading data specialist with expertise in analytical consulting, software solutions, technical data analysis, machine learning and Data Analysis Training Courses. OLSPS offers more than 20 Data Analysis Training Courses from basic to the most advanced in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Our training courses include: 

SPSS Fundamental training Courses 

Getting Started with SPSS Statistics, SPSS Statistics, Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics, 

Advanced SPSS Training Courses

SPSS Statistics Custom Tables Training Course, SPSS Statistics Syntax Training Course

Survey Data Analysis with SPSS Statistics Training Course, Conducting Competitive Surveys Training Course, SPSS TAFS Training Course, Market Segmentation with SPSS Training Course, SPSS Complex Samples Training Course, Regression with SPSS Training Course, ANOVA with SPSS Training Course, SPSS Decision trees Training Course, Theme Series Analysis with SPSS Training Course, SPSS Amos Training Course, SPSS Cognos Training Course

AI and Machine Learning Training courses

Complex optimisation tools Training Courses

Fisheries Quantitative Science Training Courses, stock assessment, survey designs, development and deployment of Operational Management Procedures, 

Population Dynamic of renewable living resources. 

We have 17 years of Training Experience

All candidate received certificates of attendance

OLSPS provide training courses for foreigners combined with Tour Packages (Day Tours plus Accommodations)  

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